Hello, and welcome to my page. A place where magick, folklore, regional witchcraft and spirituality dance together to tell the story of my day to day practice.

I am a practicing Witch of twenty one years, trainee Priestess of Cerridwen, NHS Pagan Chaplain and the Pagan Federation’s Disability Liaison Officer for the North West of England. I also occasionally do talks and workshops on Folk magick and traditional Witchcraft.

Where the word ‘Witchcraft’ indeed covers a lot of my personal practice, it is just that; a practice. I personally do not see Witchcraft as my religion, rather a practice that perfectly compliments my chosen spiritual path of Druidry.

Outside of my spiritual life and occult practice, I am married to my soul mate and Anam Cara, and also a mother to four young children. At present I am re-training to become a Birth Doula, Hypnobirthing Teacher, pregnancy holistic therapist and miscarriage and infant loss support worker. Despite currently being in a heterosexual relationship, I identify as bisexual and am a HUGE supporter and proud to be LGBTQ+

I grew up in the South London area to an Anglo Irish family, but have since lived all over the country and in Ireland. I hope to soon be able to get my duel citizenship and officially be recognised as both British and Irish. Eventually, my husband and I hope to move to either the Republic of Ireland or Scotland and set up a small family homestead together, aligned to our permaculture principles and ethics. At present, I live in “A dark corner of the land”, otherwise known as Lancashire. A county I absolutely adore! I have been involved with the Lancashire area for ten years now, and actively lived here for five years. As you read my blogs, you will see lots of references to Lancashire history, folklore, Witchcraft and it’s stunning landscape.

I also identify as disabled/differently abled due to having Fibromyalgia, M.E and C-PTSD. It is partly because of my health issues that I felt called to volunteer with the Pagan federation as the disability liaison for the North West of England. Disabled/differently abled Pagan’s, Witches and Occultists need representation and allies too!

I am a BSL (British Sign Language) speaker/communicator (not yet fluently, but getting better and better!) due to one of my children having bilateral hearing loss.

I came to set up this blog account because there was apparently a need and community desire for me to do so. Many in the Pagan North West of England community are familiar with my community work and writing, and since the pandemic has limited the amount of talks and workshops I can give, it was suggested by quite a few that I branch out into the use of social media platforms and pick up blogging again. So here we are!

Here you will find blogs that will follow a consistent set of themes:

  1. Folk Magick and Traditional Witchcraft.
  2. Folklore, folk tales and folk music of the British and Celtic isles.
  3. My Spiritual practice of Druidry and Paganism.
  4. Animism and connection to both the land and it’s spirits.

You will notice that my blogs have two distinctive styles.

One is that of a diarist, musing over my daily practice, thoughts and experiences. The other is a more informative style, sharing practical information of folklore, the occult, Witchcraft and Folk Magick.

I have also recently been asked about the possibility of starting a YouTube channel – I’ll admit, there is a certain appeal to this. However, I’m also a practical sort of person who likes to climb one hill at a time! So while my Instagram is certainly starting to pick up interest, I want to take my time and see how this blog goes before starting to vlog too! No use running before you can walk! Not only this, despite appearances, I am actually quite shy and not the extrovert I often appear to be; I’m somewhat of an ambivert if truth be told.

What the future holds directly for me and my writing, I do not know! But I hope it is successful and brings enjoyment and inspiration to all who take time to read it!

Through time, mists and the distance between us, blessing’s from me to you.


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