Folklore And Spirits Of the Land Series: “Where Boggarts Lurk And Skrikers Scream”. Part one.

There are many ‘mythological creatures’, or as many of us Witches prefer to call them, spirits of the land, here in these beautiful Celtic isles.
Each of them with their very own unique forms, functions and personalities.
Here in Lancashire, in the North West of England, we are no stranger to demons, goblins, long leggedy beasties, and things that go bump in the night!
Lancashire boasts of Spectral Cats, Demon Pigs, worm-like Dragons, Faeries, Green Dobbies, Headless Phantoms, Bannister Dolls, and more.
Perhaps two of our most famous, and somewhat complicated of spirits of the land are that of the Boggart and the Skriker.

The reason for the haunting complexity of these two beings is that they are difficult to pin down and really fully understand.
For example, the Boggart is a living contradiction.
In many accounts, Boggart’s seem to have no set form, and will usually adopt a guise that they know will scare their intended victim the most.
Yet in other tales, the Boggart has no form at all and is an invisible force to be reckoned with!
In some tales they are helpful house spirits, much like that of the Brownie. Whereas in others, the Boggart is a troublesome ghoul that behaves in a similar way to a Poltergeist. Which begs the question, could Boggarts be a regional version of a traditional poltergeist or are they something different?

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