Folk Witchcraft Series: ‘By The Pricking Of My Thumbs’: The Use Of Needles & Pins Within Witchcraft For Healing & Ill.

As long as there has been a practice of Witchcraft, so too does there seem to have been a use of pins, needles, nails, and other sharp, pointed, and easily accessible tools within the art.
Unfortunately though, when we think of pins in magick, our minds often turn to the more malefic forms of Witchcraft, such as the poking of pins into poppets in order to cause harm. One popular association with the use of pins and dolls is of the African American Vodou doll. Both Hollywood and white media have given the legitimate religion that is Vodou an unfair and unrealistic representation. For it is my understanding that just like the British and Celtic Folk Magick of which I practice, pins in poppets and effigies can be used for good as much as they can be used for ill within the Vodou practice.

Both pins and needles have been used within witchcraft and the sympathetic magick of folkways of Britain and Ireland for hundreds, if not potentially, thousands of years.
It’s use is referenced in both the Salem and the Lancashire (Pendle) Witch trials. Though not British, the Salem colonies and the accused were predominantly of British birth or descent, therefore this form of magick and accusation is extremely relevant to this blog which, as usual, will be looking at the magick and folkways native to both Britain and the Celtic lands.

In this weeks blog we shall be looking at references of the use of both pins and needles within witch trials, old spells, and in the use of sympathetic magick.
We will also briefly discuss the politics of poverty and how this has influenced folk magick, looking at why pins were so sought after for both general and magickal uses.
In total, we shall look at;

  • Some of the types of pins and needles used in Witchcraft, as well as other sharp and pointed tools.
  • Examples of pins and needle magick in protective workings
  • Examples of pin magick for harmful workings
  • Examples of healing pin and needle workings
  • Example of manifestation pin and needle workings

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