Grimoire Series: The Home Centre Candle Working.

The Home Centre Candle is a working I created back in about 2014 to act as a central point of power and manifestation within the home. It is a symbolic piece of sympathetic magick whose objective can be tweaked each month depending on what is needed.
For example, if I felt the home and family needed a more peaceful atmosphere, the candle would be designed in such a way as to invoke peace. If the home and all those living within it needed additional protection, healing, or patience, then that could be the focus, and so on.
The Home Centre Candle serves as both a monthly ritual and connective act of sympathetic magick. A simple ritualistic and creative act that can be performed even when times are busy, and we don’t feel particularly ‘Witchy’ or submerged in our practice. We can do this one monthly act to bring about simple (yet powerful) connection with our craft, and magick in our home.


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