An Invocation To The God And Goddess.

Hello and thank for for joining me this week in our second instalment of the Grimoire series as part of the premium content subscription. I am delighted to share with you two invocations that I have written and use within my own personal practice, and I, of course, invite you to also use them should you wish too. You are welcome to print out this blog or copy it into your own grimoire or book of shadows. Just remember to credit from whom and where you got the work, this is something I used to forget to do when I first started my journey (over twenty years ago now) which means I have some lovely early work that I either cannot remember who wrote it, or worse of all, whether it is one of mine, or someone else’s work! This sadly means I have lost some of my own early work, so always, always, write down the sources.
This week I will be explaining what an invocation is, how they are used, how best they can be used within ones personal practice, as well as offering two of my own invocations. I hope you enjoy!

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