The Grimoire Series: A Safe Key Spell For Protection Of The Home.

Hello and welcome to this week’s premium content blog! I hope you’re well and enjoying the early summer, here in Lancashire it is cool but sunny and the garden is in full bloom!
One of the things I have started to implement over the last couple of weeks is to fairly spread out content and create a pattern to premium content blogs. So last week was the Folklore And Spirits Of The Land series, this week is the Grimoire series, next week shall be the Folk Witchcraft series, and then to finish the cycle, it will be the Plant And Tree Lore series, before the cycle starts again. I hope that this will offer a smooth continuity of content for my wonderful subscribers. Blogs will now go out on a Saturday evening – every Saturday.

This week, for the Grimoire series, I am going to be showing you some traditional key magick and how this can be used within sympathetic magick for protection workings. Specifically, for protection of the home.

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