The Plant And Tree Lore Series: “Through The Ivy Curtain And Past It’s Tangled Snare”.

“Through the Ivy curtain and past it’s tangled snare,
we tread so lightly and with care, uncertain of your
intention. Will you bind and trap me here, or shall
you cloak and shield?
Climbing up the walls, masking windows half concealed,
or choking trees and trailing off to find a newer field.
Ivy, friend or foe? Slowly growing ally or unholy binding fiend?
Through the Ivy curtain and past the tangled snare, to speak now
with the Ivy and see if friend or foe”.

Taken from “The Witches Wood” By Zanna Buxton-Kelly (2022)

Hello and welcome to this week’s premium content blog! This week it is the plant and tree lore’s turn to share with us it’s wisdom! So grab yourself a cup of tea, get comfortable, and join me as we delve into the plant lore and folk witchcraft around the Ivy!

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