The Grimoire Series: The Shell Grounding Charm.

Hello and welcome to this weeks premium content blog, if you’re new here and unfamiliar with my work, my name is Zanna and I am a practicing Druid and Folk Witch based in the beautiful county of Lancashire. Home to places such as Rivington Moor, old corpse roads, beautiful coastlines, woodlands, faeries, boggarts, skrikers and of course, Pendle Hill. An area infamous for it’s Witch lore, folklore, paranormal activity and the terrible Pendle Witch trials of 1612.

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This particular blog is part of my premium content, and is part of the ‘grimoire series’. This weeks article is all about grounding charms and how you too can make your own using my step by step guide.
So, grab yourself a cup of tea (or whatever your choice of beverage is), put your feet up and have a chill while I take you through the benefits of having such a charm by your doorways, and how you can create your own!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here on our little suburban homestead! The garden is blossoming, there are herbs, flowers and produce aplenty to harvest, and I have four giddy children who love nothing more than to run wild, feral and free in the garden amongst the chickens, ducks and many lush growing things!
However, when the fun is done and it’s time to come indoors, that’s when the real ‘fun’ would begin in our house… shoes flung willy-nilly, mucky hands reaching up for cuddles, and demands such as “When’s tea ready? I’m starving!” are yelled across the house (and probably heard a good three houses away).
This chaotic transition from day time antics to the slowing down for tea, bath and bed is fun, but in all honesty, exhausting. As a mum who experiences noise sensitivity, I knew something had to be done, not just for my benefit, for the general peace of our whole family unit. So, I decided to tweak and old charm of mine that uses shells and branches as the main tools in order to ground, calm and centre anyone who passes it on their way into the house from the garden. The initial charm was made to hang by the front door in order to ground anyone who came in, which was important for not just guests or clients who visit, and who always naturally bring their energy into my home when they visit, but also for me too! Especially as I have ADHD and coming home tense from a day of dealing with other people, busy places, or having ‘masked’ means I used to inadvertently bring my own psychic stress and debris into the home. Not ideal. And also not something that a protection charm would necessarily help with…

Though a grounding charm on the other hand, that would be more effective…

Having a grounding charm by the front door didn’t quite have a soporific effect on myself or visitors, but once assembled and implemented, it did seem to have a soothing and calming effect on anyone passing through the front door.
So, with four energetic children who often run in to the house from the garden like a swarm of hyperactive elephants, I figured now would be a good time to adapt this charm for our garden patio doors. And let me tell you, it’s worked like a charm! … yea ok, terrible joke… I will try not to do anymore (emphasis on the word ‘try’).

But how does one make this charm, and why does it use shells as a main tool?

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