Plant Lore Series: Talking To Rubus, The Magic Of Bramble.

Hello and welcome to this week’s premium content blog where I will be discussing the powerful magic and folkways associated with bramble (otherwise known as blackberry or Rubus).

But, first a few announcements!

As some of you may be aware, my husband and I are expecting another baby! The little one will be due sometime around this year’s winter solstice and we can’t wait! Along with this, I have begun to work on putting my first book on folk witchcraft together, so this means there are lots of exciting things happening this year on our little urban homestead! Consequently, I have taken the decision to make some changes to Diary Of A Folk Witch’s premium content.
In part, this will free up time for me to write my first book, but also, it will hopefully make the premium content subscription more affordable and accessible to those who want to be part of the inner circle, but due to the current ‘cost of living crisis’ here in the UK, are unable to afford the current £8 a month subscription fee.
Instead of doing four premium content blogs a month (costing £8), I will be releasing two blogs a month for £4. Blog posts will be released on the first and last Saturday of every month and the rhythm of the blogs will remain unchanged, so it’s themes of the following will remain the same:
– Plant and tree lore series
– Folk witchcraft series
– Folklore and spirits of the land series
– Grimoire series.

It is my hope that this format will still bring subscribers the content they love, but at a lower cost, while simultaneously opening the door for new subscribers who want to delve in the world of a modern folk witch in a safe and nurturing space.
So, if you’re new here and not part of the DOFW community, why not click on the link below to join us and read the rest of this awesome blog on plant magic!

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