Folk Witchcraft Series: Every Day Tools Of The Folk Witch.

Hello and welcome to this week’s instalment of the Folk Witchcraft series, part of the ongoing premium content service. If you’re new here and not familiar with my work, my name is Zanna and I am a practicing folk witch based in that mysterious dark corner of the land known as Lancashire. As well as being a folk witch, I am also a Pagan NHS hospital chaplain, Celebrant and birth Doula.

As well as my professional work, I also run this website and write regular blogs and do in-depth Instagram posts over on my Insta page.
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In this week’s blog, we shall be looking at some of the many tools I use as a modern day folk witch. Some of these tools will seem obvious choices, similar to that of other Occultists, others will be more regional in choice, or are taken directly from my own folk witchcraft family practice.
The tools detailed in the rest of the blog are by no means exclusive to just myself nor are they, in any way, universal to all folk and traditional witchcraft practitioners.
Being an art that is beautifully diverse for each practitioner, and also being one that is free from a universal dogma, it is less likely to find two witches or folk workers who use a complete repertoire of exactly the same tools. This is because folk witches have always – and hopefully will always, take influence and inspiration from all that is around them. Such as culture, regional witchery, what is commonly available, what the witch may make, find or buy, and so on.
Therefore, the tools mentioned henceforth are an example of my practice only. You, dear friend, are welcome to take as much inspiration as you like when applying to your own practice. Or, at the same time, discarding what you feel is not applicable to you.

So, without much further ado… let’s delve in!

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