Folklore And Spirits Of The Land Series: The Demon Pig Of Winwick And The Use Of Apotropaic Masonry In Lancashire Churches.

Lancashire boasts many a dramatic folk tale, from spectral cats to Boggarts and Skrikers, some of which have already made appearances on this website. Such as: Folklore And Spirits Of the Land Series: “Where Boggarts Lurk And Skrikers Scream”. Part one.

But perhaps some of our most infamous tales concern not boggarts or fairies, but the Devil himself and his leagues of Demons. It is said that the Devil roams freely here in Lancashire, as do his many Demons and Witches. After all, it was here that perhaps one of the most infamous Witch trials in British history took place; the trial of Witches who were supposedly in service to the Devil.
One of the reasons it is thought that the Devil roams so freely here is because the county’s long association with Witches, dissenters, thieves, murders and other unsavoury folk, a “dark corner of the land”.

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