The Grimoire Series: A Modern Take On A Traditional Blood Staunching Charm.

Hello and welcome to this week’s instalment of the Grimoire Series, one of four topics covered within the premium content service that Diary of a Folk Witch offers for £4 a month.

This week’s blog is a nice, simple and straight to the point addition that is designed to be used by subscribers within their own folk magic practice and perhaps even copied into their own grimoire or spell book. All I ask is that wherever you copy my work to, you add a little note at the end which tells you where you sourced the original piece from (in this case, myself).
This not only protects my work and provides a lineage of learning for you, but it really does come in handy when, years down the line, you perhaps look in your grimoire and find a lovely piece, but cannot remember if you wrote it, or someone else did. Unfortunately, this has certainly been the case for me over the years. I look back through my original books and find a fantastic working, invocation etc and cannot share it or publish it because I honestly cannot remember if it is mine or not. I’ve certainly learnt to credit mine and other’s work the hard way, that’s for sure!

So, without much further ado, let’s talk about blood staunching charms!

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