Folklore And Spirits Of The Land Series: Making Your Home A Welcome Space For Friendly House Spirits.

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In previous blogs I have discussed and detailed mischievous and outright dangerous house spirits such as the poltergeist and the boggart, please feel free to check out my previous blogs Folklore And Spirits Of the Land Series: “Where Boggarts Lurk And Skrikers Scream”. Part one. Alongside it’s second instalment, Folklore And Spirits Of The Land Series: Where Boggarts Lurk And Skrikers Scream (Part 2)

This week I will be focussing on the relevant folklore and witchlore, of both here in Lancashire and other parts of Britain and Ireland that claim to help one make their home more hospitable and welcoming to more friendly household spirits to take up residence. Such as Brownies, Hobbers, spirits of the hearth, and the Puca.

So, grab a cup of something warm – it’s a fairly chilly October! Sit back, relax and read on to find out more!

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2 responses to “Folklore And Spirits Of The Land Series: Making Your Home A Welcome Space For Friendly House Spirits.”

    • Hi there Penny! Sure, house spirits will often offer you subtle signs of residency. This can range from a strong feeling or the sensing of their presence, to experiencing improved luck and opportunities, or even noticing things have been moved around the home. In my specific case of creating the little hobbit style house, I noticed an improved energetic atmosphere within the house and also less ‘paranormal’ activity. The house we lived in was an old Miners accommodation built in the 1880’s and would often display ghost-like activity. This activity began to die down after the invitation of a house spirit as they will, more often than not, see off any competing spirit! Which in this case, worked to our advantage. x

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