Folk Witchcraft Series: Five Most Effective Charms For Home Protection.

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This week, I am going to be discussing five charms for the purpose of house protection that I have personally found to be the most effective in regard to the psychic and energetic safeguarding of the home. Some of these charms and ways will not be specifically native to the U.K and Ireland, and where appropriate I detail the charms documented origins and how it’s use came to be adopted here, within the huge cultural stew pot that is the United Kingdom. I have decided to include non-native ways and practices purely because the U.K is now such a diverse set of countries, in part because England has a long history of (sadly) being a nation involved in colonising other countries, or, being colonised themselves by groups such as the Vikings, Romans, Normans, Saxons etc. All of which left their cultural stamp upon our nations, and finally because of our involvement with the Commonwealth, we are nations that are now beautifully diverse in culture and spirituality, and to avoid any cultural misappropriation, credit and reference to other cultures should always be given.

So, without much further ado… grab yourself a mug of your favourite steamy drink, I see that despite it being early November, pumpkin spice is still very popular! Sit down, pop your feet up and join me as we delve into protective charms for the home.

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