The Divination Series: 8 Tips For Better Pendulum Practice.

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s blog, the first instalment of the new ‘Divination series’, part of the ongoing premium content subscription which covers:
– The Folklore And Spirits Of The Land Series.
– The Tree And Plant Lore Series.
– The Grimoire Series.
– The Folk Witchcraft Series.
– The Divination Series.
– And the British And Celtic Familiar Spirits And Guides Series.

All of the blogs alternate between the above topics; ensuring you get great regular content that always varies in subject. This week I am going to be offering my best tried and tested tips on the dowsing method of pendulum use, as well as this, I am hoping to do my first ever ‘live’ Facebook feed over on the private Diary Of A Folk Witch Facebook group. So, if you’re a premium content subscriber, don’t forget to head on over to the group to check that out!

So, without much further ado, lets talk pendulum practices!

NOTE: All photographs that are not my own within this article are fully credited, and where possible, offer a direct link to the original seller or artist.

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