Folklore And Spirits Of The Land Series: Living At The Crossroads.

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In the folklore and spirits of the land series, we take the time to look at both regional folk and spirit lore from here in Lancashire, as well as those that leave the county and fan out across the rest of the UK and Ireland. This week we will be looking at the recorded paranormal and supernatural encounters people have had when living near or on an area that is considered to be ‘liminal’. Such as bridges, crossroads, graveyards, moorlands, and so on.
As well as this, we will also briefly look at what liminal spaces are, folklore around them, and why they are of interest to the folk witch.

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Hello, and welcome to this weeks instalment of the folklore and spirits of the land series. I hope you’re all well?

The last week or so has seen me spend a lot of time on the Wigan branch of the Leeds to Liverpool Canal. Because of this, I have been further studying the folklore and folk ways of these fascinating additions to the English landscape. As well as re-acquainting myself with the old folk ways and customs of canals, I have also been utilising these often lush and green spaces for foraging medicinal and culinary herbs. Yesterday, I manged to find a bountiful patch of horsetail – perfect for treating bladder and skin complaints!

While on one of my recent excursions along the canal, I began to ponder the many other liminal places of power that holds interest and relation to the folk witch throughout the British isles.
Much like rivers, brooks, lakes and shore lines, the canal (even though man made) represents one of the ultimate liminal spaces to work with – where water and land meet. Where I live, I am lucky to be in an area full of places of liminal power – woodlands, canals, coffin lanes, graveyards, and even three crossroads (all equidistant from the house). So, this week I thought that I would take some time to discuss and share a few tales from some of those who have experienced life at such liminal places. Where possible, I do offer the names of those who have given me accounts, either over the years, or specifically as part of the research for this blog, but understandably, some have requested to remain anonymous.

But why are places that are labelled as ‘liminal’ considered to be different or even powerful? What differences are there for someone who lives on your average suburban street, or in a town apartment, to someone who lives next to a graveyard or old bier way? Why would living near a crossroad potentially mean a resident experiencing more paranormal activity?

It’s not just the folk witch who notices that such geographical locations are different, interesting, and even beneficial to work with, some people find that they experience very unusual and sometimes unexplainable and even life changing things when they find themselves living in the ‘tween places.

So, without much further ado, lets begin!

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