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As well as being a Druid, Priestess and Folk Witch, Zanna is a professional Birth Doula, Hypnobirthing Teacher, baby wearing consultant, infant loss support worker, Celebrant and an NHS hospital Chaplain, she has also dedicated much of her time to learning and qualifying in various holistic and spiritual practices, such as Reiki, Crystal therapy and numerology, tarot and chiromancy. Zanna intends to continue this personal and professional development by studying both Aromatherapy and Reflexology later this year (2022) and also progressing on to a naturopathic diploma.

Zanna also provides accurate Tarot, Ogham and intuitive readings for loved ones and clients.

In her spare time, she volunteers as a NHS Pagan Hospital Chaplain and is the Pagan Federation’s Disability Liaison Officer for the North West of England.
As well as the beforementioned, Zanna also uses her spare time to do talks and workshops on the occult for various pagan events and local moots.

Zanna has been a practicing witch for twenty four years and has devoted much of her adult life into learning folk ways, folklore, and regional witchcraft techniques from around the country. When asked to describe her witchcraft practice, Zanna stated “I follow a way that shares a lot of similarities with that of the old school, or historical, ‘wise woman’. I follow the cycles and seasons of the year, carefully observe and listen to nature, commune with spirit and work closely with my community. Whether that is offering some friendly advice and sacred listening skills, giving a Tarot reading, or aiding in a protection working. In many ways, the roles of both the birth and death Doula, or the Medical Herbalists and Holistic Workers are just a modern reincarnation of the original wise folk of pre 20th century Europe. And I suppose that is who I am, a 21st century wise woman. Someone who looks to the past, present and future for guidance and practice. Someone who works with spirit as much as I do with fellow people”.

Zanna was born in South London, into an Anglo-Irish Catholic family. However, alongside the ‘official’ family faith, she observed the quiet folk ways of her mother and maternal grandmother. “Neither my Mum or Nan would have seriously described themselves as ‘Witches’, but in many ways that is exactly what they were. It was my mother who bought me my first deck of tarot cards, and taught me some traditional folks ways. But no, she was not a Neo-Pagan, or a Druid like myself. She was a Catholic who would quietly use folk ways and sympathetic magic alongside her faith”.

Zanna lives in Lancashire with her husband, four children, two cats, five chickens, three ducks and two quail.

Upcoming speaking events:

Please keep an eye out for any upcoming speaking events and workshops. Now that the Pandemic is easing, we hope to update this section as soon as possible.


Zanna is always happy to talk with fellow Witches, Pagan’s and Occultists and usually willing to participate in collaborations, projects or give talks and workshops at relevant Pagan and Occult events. For more information, please email Diaryofafolkwitch@gmail.com

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