Hello and welcome to Diary Of A Folk Witch, a learning platform for ALL!
Are you looking to learn more about folk witchcraft, folklore and modern wise folk skills, but not entirely sure where to start?
Perhaps you’re new to your path and looking to explore it further in a safe and informative environment? Or maybe you’re an experienced Occultist and looking to find genuine content on Folk Witchcraft that is neither ‘fluffy’ or watered down?

Well, you have come to the right place!
My name is Zanna, join me on my path as a Priestess and Folk Witch. I will share with you my life and practice. From living on a small urban homestead and utilising old folk ways and skills in my everyday life, to the folk witchcraft I practice daily.

Here On this website you will find blogs, gallery’s and more! There is a good blend of both free and premium content blogs on all things Folk Magick, Folk Witchcraft, Folklore, and the skills that many modern wise folk now practice. From urban homesteading, foraging and kitchen witchery, to modern healing practices, community eldership and self-sufficiency.

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The Folk Witchcraft series.
British and Celtic familiar spirit guides series.
The Divination and scrying series.

As well as this, subscribers also get the opportunity to join our growing online community by joining our private Facebook group.
2023 is going to see the platform evolve even more to make Folk Witchcraft as accessible as possible to people worldwide, making this site even more of an affordable learning platform, with virtual talks, workshops, podcasts, and hopefully… a YouTube channel!

We hope you enjoy exploring this website and walking through the world of modern Folk Witchcraft.

Through the time, mists, and distance between us, blessings from me to you.

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